My Ass in the Sand and My Toes in the Oil

May 8, 2010

FYI…the idea of pre-planning our vacation a couple of posts ago and being locked in?  Well, I can only laugh!

Here’s an excerpt from the post I wrote explaining how happy I am:

I keep looking at the pictures of the house we rented for the trip, to hold me over.  I can’t believe we had the foresight to do this before things got crazy.  I’m glad we did.  We’re locked in now.  It’s already paid for!!  So, we must go.  Yes, we must.  No way out.  No second guessing.  That makes me very happy.

I forgot to knock on some wood.  🙂 HA!

Have you been watching the news?  The oil spill in the Gulf is headed right for the beach in the backyard of the house that is, “…already paid for!!”

Our insurance has already informed us that they will not cover this “man-made” catastrophe.  🙂

All I can do is smile.  Oh, we’ll still go.  We’ll just have our ass in the sand and our toes in the oil…instead of the water.


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