Awesomely Weekend

December 13, 2009

We have just (almost) finished a very busy weekend.  It was truly awesomely.  Yes, awesomely.

Yesterday, the kids and I got up early to go have breakfast with Santa.  Well, it wasn’t that early.  We were there by 8:30.

I woke son up first.  He woke up faster than usual.  He had been SOOOOO excited about breakfast with Santa.  But, his eyes were all red and watery.  I thought, ‘Oh, no.  He’s getting sick.’

I said, “Son, why are your eyes so watery?  Do they itch or burn?”

“No, mommy.  I was quietly crying because I thought we missed breakfast with Santa.  It’s light outside, and usually it’s still dark when we get up.”


If you knew my son, you’d know that quietly crying means he’s VERY upset.  He thinks he’s so manly that he hardly cries at all anyway — but QUIETLY crying???  Melts my heart.

So…we did breakfast with Santa.  And his bff (Who is a girl) was there.  We all sat together and it was really fun.

Daughter even sat on Santa’s lap.  I was surprised because she knows, or think she knows, what’s up with the whole Santa deal.  I guess she’s covering her bases, just in case.  Hahahaha.

Afterwards, the three of us went to the theatre to watch The Grinch.  That was a ball o’ fun!

We were planning to do Chinese next, but none of us were hungry.  So, we took Em to her Yule Log hunt, and B and I went on home.

When we picked her up, we went to see all the Christmas lights and went out to eat (to make up for Chinese).

Supahfly (aka lovely) day!

Today we had FIVE wrestling matches.  It was son’s first time actually wrestling people that he didn’t practice with.  He got 4th place!  Woot!!!!!

Might I add, I did help in the kitchen at the school for part of the day (for the wrestling day).  Yes, yes I did.  I was in charge of pizza and sandwiches, lol.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I didn’t have to do dishes, met some new people, and got to help out.  I would’ve helped at Emm’s basketball but they didn’t even have concessions or anything.

We also had bball game for Em.  She was totally awesome.  She makes me so proud!!  Her whole team has come a long way since the first practice.  The coaches have done a wonderful job.  Nobody won because it was more of a scrimmage/show off practicy kind of deal…then again, I guess they all won because you could tell they were having so much fun.  And like I said, they all showed SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!!

We just finished putting up our traditional Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We’re a little late this year, but we have been so busy with kid’s sports and stuff that we just haven’t had time.

Tomorrow, I will finish up my Christmas shopping.

Woot, woot!


Nine Minute Mark

December 10, 2009

There is something about that nine minute mark, when I’m working out.  I might have to really push myself to get going, but then suddenly I get a rush of, “I never want to stop.  This is awesome.  Why don’t I do this 24/7??” 

Then I start making schedules in my head, trying to figure out where all my free time is, so that I can throw in at least 30 min or so of treadmill time.  LOLOMGRUKDDNGME?!

I guess that’s the rush I live for!

Then around the 30 minute mark, I start to get bored.  I have to start texting or playing with my iPod.  I start thinking, “When is this going to be over?  I wish I had a book to read.”  My body continues to run, but my mind is over it.  So, I start to really push myself towards exhaustion.

45 minute mark:  Rush is back, mixed with, “Push yourself, Push yourself.  You can do it.  Run, Forrest, run!!!”

Not sure why I felt the need to share that.  Just did.

Best Beer Ever

December 9, 2009

Trying to wrap up Christmas shopping this week. So far, I’m still looking for a certain pet jungle Nintendo DSi game, hamster cage/accessories, bendaroos, nerf gun (Nerf N Strike Radar CS-35), Indiana Jones legos, purple skate board, dinosaur webkinz, spy kit, dart board, clothes, shoes, jammies, memory game, journal, jewelry, barbie clothes, and some music cds. I can easily find all of these things. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting until the last minute to get them.

I should go now, but I won’t be back in time to pick the kiddies up from school.

I have bought a Wii, Nintendo DSi and some other stuff. Hubby will be the hardest to buy for. Hopefully, we just won’t even bother with getting each other a ton of stuff. I’d rather just watch the kids open theirs!!!!

Yesterday was good. Buffalo Wild Wings — it was my first time. I liked it, but it is definitely overrated.

I enjoyed a tall beer, which was quite comical. I was the only one at the bar drinking. Everyone else was obviously on work lunch breaks, plus it was barely noon.

I never drink, really. Really. Maybe 3 times a year, MAYBE. Em panics if she sees me with something remotely resembling alcohol ( yay em ), so I don’t even drink socially if she’s with me. I was shopping, with my hubby, so I had to.

Actually, he ordered the beer but they wouldn’t serve him because he didn’t have his ID. So, I ordered it for him. However, he thought the waitress was onto us and wouldn’t drink it. So, I had to. And it was only $3.50 — for a huge beer, tall. So, there.

AND I’m not really a beer drinker, so I thought I’d have to gag it down. BUT, it was THE BEST BEER EVER. I’d actually like to have another one. AND, LOVED watching my husband longingly watch it disappear! Ha!

We Poop Purple?

December 6, 2009

I shooda got a pic of our purple potty.

Apparently, while I was on the phone with my dad, hubby fell asleep. Son decided to paint his nails purple like a rockstar.

Then, he thought it would be smart to get rid of any evidence. So, he poured the rest of the purple finger nail polish down the toilet, and flushed. Only…it didn’t go away when he flushed. It stayed. D’oh.

Then he tried to clean it up, and managed to get it smeared all over the place, and get it on himself.

However…the bright side is that I don’t believe he got any toilet water on himself. He used my toilet wand cleaner thinga mabob. Good boy — I guess.

So, today I was able to get it all cleaned up. Daughter said she had issues with using the potty that was purple. It just messed with her something awful. But, she wouldn’t use the “boys bathroom” downstairs because…ew, it’s the boys bathroom. Ha! So, good thing I got it cleaned up today or she would be triple miserable having to wait much longer.

Anyhoo…just thought I’d share that.


Good Day!

December 4, 2009

Today is a good day!  I’ve worked my butt off all week and promised myself I would take today off.  Why?  Because I can.

Em was extra diva today…check her…

The boots she’s wearing are cheapy walmart boots. We just bought them because we realized LAST MINUTE that she was supposed to dress as a rock star for school the next day. She HAD to HAVE ROCK STAR BOOTS. Walmart was our only option. I can’t stand them because they really do look very cheap in person. She loves them. They do look good in the pic though.

Breyt was particularly stunning today as well. He had a regular outfit on but his hair was did. He has his Christmas program at school today so I’m hoping to get a good pic of that to share. If not, I’ll come back and post the one I took of him this morning, outside in the cold, so we’d have good lighting, cause pretty much the only working camera I have is my cell phone. Pathetic.

I need to take both kids clothes shopping so badly. They are growing out of their clothes we just bought three months (and LESS) ago. Should/Can I wait for Santa, or should I just bite the bullet.

Oy. But, a 🙂 Oy.

I’m so glad I have healthy growing children. So, don’t think I’m complaining! Just…stating the facts.

Anyhoo! Good day today. I just know it.

There’s nothing like an interview with two underground reporters to bring the petty things in my life into perspective. 

I needed that slap in the face.

Do you?

Note to self (and you if you need it):  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Look at the big picture!

Bring Me to Life

December 3, 2009

Maybe I’m just going through some kind of old lady crisis, I don’t know.  The thing is, I have this nagging, burning, itching little guy on my shoulder.  He keeps reminding me that I want to be somebody.

My whole life I have been just fine with being in the middle.  It was actually my preferred place to be.

I don’t want to be the most popular.  I like my quiet/alone time.  Being the shy and quiet girl was always fine with me.  I like having a few strong friends but don’t really waste my time on the ‘acquaintances.’

Being this way has eventually let me accept ‘medium’ for everything I do.

I held back on my career to be a mom.  I’m not a great mom because I’m working all the time.

My house isn’t spotless or filthy.  My car isn’t wonderful or bad.

I’m not a ‘terrible’ friend by definition, but certainly not a good one.

I participate, but not really.

I care about people in need, but rarely reach out.  I step out of my comfort zone, only a little.

I have a little schooling, not a lot.  I’m not extremely smart, but not totally dumb.

I love the Lord, but don’t outwardly show it ALL THE TIME.

I wanted to ride horses, be an athlete (runner), help the homeless, be a great mother, be an example, be a writer, help sick children et cetera.  But, now I have no passion.  I’ve somehow been able to just stay here, lukewarm about everything — never putting myself out there.

I’m not anything.

Get me?

But now.  Now everything is changing.  I still like being in the middle except I want to be somebody.  I don’t want a wasted life.

I don’t feel the need to be public or popular.

I want to die knowing I did my best.  I’m not doing my best.  I want to put myself out there for the good of somebody else.  I’m floating by.  I, I, I.

You know?

For now, it’s bringing me down knowing that I’m just me.

How do I get passed all of the thoughts in my noggin?  How do I allow passion back into my life?

I don’t even need/want anyone else to see that I’ve done something or become something.  It’s just that — I — need to know.

I’ve beed dead and I want to come to life.

Dear Wilson,

December 2, 2009

Dear Wilson,

I’m getting a dog.

I Look Gooey but Feel Fine!

December 2, 2009

There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you run.  Sigh.  I was so pumped this morning when I got off the treadmill.  It puts me in such a good mood and I feel like I can conquer the world.

Then, I looked in the mirror.  Oh yeah, I’m a slacker.

The illusion sucks, right?  Have you ever been there?  You haven’t worked out in a few months.  You have put on a few pounds and lost some tone.

Then you work out a few times and can feel muscles again…from the inside.  So, you assume they look like they feel…from the inside.  But, when you look in the mirror, all you see is the outside.  😦

Motivation, I guess!

“I want to look how I feel inside?”  Ah, no.  That just sounds gooey.

Eastern Time Zone

November 29, 2009

We have returned from the Eastern Time ZONE.



We had such a great time in a city that has more to offer than a handful of restaurants, a bowling alley, and two grocery stores.

It’s always refreshing to get out of this small town and remember that there is life out there.  It makes it so much easier to gain a healthier perspective on things…for a little while.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t wear off soon…

remember kevs hot nuts?

November 27, 2009

remember kevs hot nuts?

~mommy? ~not today. ~uh huh

November 27, 2009

~mommy? ~not today. ~uh huh mommy. forever! HA!

November 27, 2009


November 27, 2009

real hills and curves…almost there!

im hot…sticky sweet, from my head to my feet…yeah!

black taco

November 27, 2009

black taco

tell me that i wont

November 27, 2009

tell me that i wont feel a thing…give me novacaine

play freebird!

November 27, 2009

play freebird!

looks like we are detouring

November 27, 2009

looks like we are detouring to new orleans…the only place i said i refused to return to…but its not on purpose…he says!

come on baby make it

November 27, 2009

come on baby make it hurt so good…sometimes love dont feel like it should…you make it hurt so good

time falls away, but these

November 27, 2009

time falls away, but these small hours still remain

blogging from my phone…thinking that 3am is early for an insomniac, but i’m here. first stop, starbucks.

Lifehouse Joke

November 25, 2009

I have always loved that song.  It is one I blare in the car and sing to the top of my lungs when nobody is with me.

Today I realized it was about a 13 year old boy that committed suicide after constantly being bullied.  I don’t love it as much.  I feel selfish to use it as a venting song now that I have learned why it was created in the first place.

Or maybe, it’s good to have a venting song to keep people from getting to that point.  Oy.

Either way, my heart goes out to the boy that was bullied, the girl that took her life shortly after, and everyone else suffering with being bullied, depression, or whatever ails ya.  I also pray for the bully-ers.  They often don’t realize the weight of their own tongues.  And they often are also in terrible pain that oozes out in the form of bullying.

It’s all just so sad.

Em and I had wanted to watch, My Sister’s Keeper since it was in the theaters.  We were’nt sure if it’d be worth a theater trip or if it was more of just a dvd movie.  So, we waited until it came out on DVD.

The other day, after we got our hair cut, we went by Wally World and bought it.  We brought it home and watched it before the boys came home.  Oh. My. Lan. Ta.

I cried through the whole thing.  The plot was very predictable and there wasn’t much suspense.  But, it was a tearjerker.  I really lost it. 

I just kept thinking about all the parents in real life that have to deal with childhood illness and cancer and such.  My heart was/is in wrenching pain thinking about it.

I’m so glad my kids are healthy.  I absolutely know I would not be strong enough to handle that.

On a lighter note…on the night of my birthday I waited for everyone to fall asleep and then I watched an oldie but a goodie, Spanglish.  Still love that movie, every time I watch it.  Love, love, love, love, love it!

And while I’m purging my brain of these rambling thoughts…

I knew I wouldn’t get any store bought presents for my birthday, for some reason.  Brian quit buying me gifts last year, or the year before.  The kids do make me wonderful, wonderful, wonderfully tear jerking presents that I’ll cherish forever.  But that didn’t stop me from going on a little shopping spree for myself the day before my bday.

I just bought little stupid things, makeup and stuff like that.  But the whole time I was shopping, my mind was saying, “Don’t buy this crap.  Your birthday is tomorrow.  You’re probably going to feel guilty when you are awakened with breakfast in bed and presents!!”


“You know nobody’s going to buy you anything, just go ahead.  It’s your birthday!  You’ll be lucky if anyone remembers you.”

I’m happy to say that nobody forgot me.  The kids baked me a homemade cake.  I’ll post pictures later.  I love my kids.  They are my world.  Without them, I’d have no reason to be here.

LoL–crazy huh?


November 24, 2009

I forgot to tell you that sis and I got haircutz the other day.  The salon was smart about it this time.  They took me first, and then had someone come get Emma.  They waited until I was 1/2 cut before they took her.  They knew I couldn’t get up and come supervise!  Kudos to them!!

After they cut her hair, they curled it — like prom or something.  It was very, very cute!  And she loved it.

It turned out good because she didn’t want to get her hair cut.  She wants to grow it out.  But when they curled it and dolled her up, it made it much easier to transition. 

And yes, I am letting her grow her hair out.  The problem is that we’re trying to let the slant bob part in the back get even with the front.  It’s taking it a while to get all evened out.

Anyway, they were also smart because I couldn’t tell if they cut it straight until we got home and washed the curls out.  Very much kudos to them!  Nice job, I say!  They found a few ways to keep me from supervising!  🙂 JK 

Yep.  It was straight.  They did a fantastic job.  I’ll post pics later.

It was a fantastic day for Em and I!