March 2, 2010

I FINALLY took daughter today to get her spacers put in.  It’s basically the first appointment of many that will eventually lead to braces and surgery.  Gulp. 

They will first surgically remove her baby teeth.  And then, they will attach one side of the double set of chains to her braces and the other side to her adult teeth that will not erupt.  Over a year’s time, they will slowly pull the teeth down and into place. 

I’m having a much harder time dealing with this than her.  She is so excited.  She can’t wait. 

From her point of view, I was being unfair by holding back.  “What’s the big deal,” she says.  She knows they’ll be uncomfortable, but they’ll look so stylish to all of her 3rd grade divas. 

She doesn’t understand why I pushed so hard to wait from October until today (hoping for a miracle).  I wanted her to enjoy her holiday eating and birthdays.  Her and I are both food lovers.  Her metabolism doesn’t allow her to show it as much as mine does, but we equally love chow.

I know how her body reacts to medicine (NOT good) and other general foreign things (NOT good).  In addition, I know how she reacts to discomfort (NOT good). 

Alas, I could hold on no longer.  Today, we took the plunge.

I guess it’s the motherness in me that is still keeping my fingers crossed that out of the blue, before our next appointment, her two front teeth will fall out and we’ll see sign of the adult teeth coming down on their own.


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