Honestly, You’re Just Wrong

December 17, 2009

I think it was last year when daughter approached me with a dire need to know if Santa was real or not.  After probing her with many questions, to see if she was ready for my answer, I told her he is not real.

Yes, I know.  I’m a bad mom.  You have to understand that I have always promised my kids the truth.  I didn’t like letting her believe he was real in the first place.  I only did it because I’m selfish and I wanted her to enjoy the fantasy–and hubby insisted.  iknowimabadmom.

But, I want them to know that I am a safeplace for answers.  I will offer them honesty like my mom did for me.

Anyhoo…she cried.  She was very disappointed.  She swore she would never tell a soul, because she didn’t want to break the hearts of her classmates and friends.  iknowimabadmom.

This year, the other day, she told me flatly that she has decided that I am wrong.  Yep.  Santa is real.  How could he not be?  It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

This is coming from a girl that has been referred to as, “gifted,” by her teachers.  There have been many disscussions about her skipping a grade.  She is very committed to understanding something if she finds it interesting (or if she’s in competition with somebody or something–and she always is).

So, you understand that this believing of fantasy is not like her at all except that she does seem to have a hope that there’s more out there.  Does that even make sense?  It does to me.

So, I asked her, “What do you mean?  Why do you think that?”  I’m certainly not going to argue it with her.  I have regretted telling her the truth for a year or so now.  I wished I would’ve only said something vague like, “Only you can answer that.”  iknowimabadmom.

But, now I have a chance to undo the harm that I’d done.

I gave her a little wink and said, “Only you can answer that.”  She said, “I know what you’re trying to say and, honestly, you’re just wrong.”


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