English Bulldog–The Most I Want

December 17, 2009

Son wants a dog–a boy English Bulldog.  He wants a big, lazy, lay on his feet, slobber, watch doggish, mostly indoor, big eater, manly dog.

With no prompting from me, Santa told him he could not have a real one.  It broke his heart (but honestly, I guess it saved me from dealing with a broken heart on Christmas morning).

He left a vmm on his dad’s phone the other night that went something like this, “Hi dad, it’s me.  I have a birthday coming soon.  Santa said I couldn’t have a real dog, but I have a birthday coming soon.  All I want is a boy English Bulldog.  Well, it’s not all I want, but it’s the most thing I want.  A dog is a man’s best friend, and I want that.  And I want him to sleep with me so I won’t be lonely.  Dad, will you think about it?  Oh, it’s me.”

Dad has moved from, “absolutely not,” to…Boy 1 Dad 0. 

We are checking the rescues first.  ;).


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