Awesomely Weekend

December 13, 2009

We have just (almost) finished a very busy weekend.  It was truly awesomely.  Yes, awesomely.

Yesterday, the kids and I got up early to go have breakfast with Santa.  Well, it wasn’t that early.  We were there by 8:30.

I woke son up first.  He woke up faster than usual.  He had been SOOOOO excited about breakfast with Santa.  But, his eyes were all red and watery.  I thought, ‘Oh, no.  He’s getting sick.’

I said, “Son, why are your eyes so watery?  Do they itch or burn?”

“No, mommy.  I was quietly crying because I thought we missed breakfast with Santa.  It’s light outside, and usually it’s still dark when we get up.”


If you knew my son, you’d know that quietly crying means he’s VERY upset.  He thinks he’s so manly that he hardly cries at all anyway — but QUIETLY crying???  Melts my heart.

So…we did breakfast with Santa.  And his bff (Who is a girl) was there.  We all sat together and it was really fun.

Daughter even sat on Santa’s lap.  I was surprised because she knows, or think she knows, what’s up with the whole Santa deal.  I guess she’s covering her bases, just in case.  Hahahaha.

Afterwards, the three of us went to the theatre to watch The Grinch.  That was a ball o’ fun!

We were planning to do Chinese next, but none of us were hungry.  So, we took Em to her Yule Log hunt, and B and I went on home.

When we picked her up, we went to see all the Christmas lights and went out to eat (to make up for Chinese).

Supahfly (aka lovely) day!

Today we had FIVE wrestling matches.  It was son’s first time actually wrestling people that he didn’t practice with.  He got 4th place!  Woot!!!!!

Might I add, I did help in the kitchen at the school for part of the day (for the wrestling day).  Yes, yes I did.  I was in charge of pizza and sandwiches, lol.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I didn’t have to do dishes, met some new people, and got to help out.  I would’ve helped at Emm’s basketball but they didn’t even have concessions or anything.

We also had bball game for Em.  She was totally awesome.  She makes me so proud!!  Her whole team has come a long way since the first practice.  The coaches have done a wonderful job.  Nobody won because it was more of a scrimmage/show off practicy kind of deal…then again, I guess they all won because you could tell they were having so much fun.  And like I said, they all showed SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!!

We just finished putting up our traditional Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  We’re a little late this year, but we have been so busy with kid’s sports and stuff that we just haven’t had time.

Tomorrow, I will finish up my Christmas shopping.

Woot, woot!


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