Best Beer Ever

December 9, 2009

Trying to wrap up Christmas shopping this week. So far, I’m still looking for a certain pet jungle Nintendo DSi game, hamster cage/accessories, bendaroos, nerf gun (Nerf N Strike Radar CS-35), Indiana Jones legos, purple skate board, dinosaur webkinz, spy kit, dart board, clothes, shoes, jammies, memory game, journal, jewelry, barbie clothes, and some music cds. I can easily find all of these things. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting until the last minute to get them.

I should go now, but I won’t be back in time to pick the kiddies up from school.

I have bought a Wii, Nintendo DSi and some other stuff. Hubby will be the hardest to buy for. Hopefully, we just won’t even bother with getting each other a ton of stuff. I’d rather just watch the kids open theirs!!!!

Yesterday was good. Buffalo Wild Wings — it was my first time. I liked it, but it is definitely overrated.

I enjoyed a tall beer, which was quite comical. I was the only one at the bar drinking. Everyone else was obviously on work lunch breaks, plus it was barely noon.

I never drink, really. Really. Maybe 3 times a year, MAYBE. Em panics if she sees me with something remotely resembling alcohol ( yay em ), so I don’t even drink socially if she’s with me. I was shopping, with my hubby, so I had to.

Actually, he ordered the beer but they wouldn’t serve him because he didn’t have his ID. So, I ordered it for him. However, he thought the waitress was onto us and wouldn’t drink it. So, I had to. And it was only $3.50 — for a huge beer, tall. So, there.

AND I’m not really a beer drinker, so I thought I’d have to gag it down. BUT, it was THE BEST BEER EVER. I’d actually like to have another one. AND, LOVED watching my husband longingly watch it disappear! Ha!


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