November 24, 2009

I forgot to tell you that sis and I got haircutz the other day.  The salon was smart about it this time.  They took me first, and then had someone come get Emma.  They waited until I was 1/2 cut before they took her.  They knew I couldn’t get up and come supervise!  Kudos to them!!

After they cut her hair, they curled it — like prom or something.  It was very, very cute!  And she loved it.

It turned out good because she didn’t want to get her hair cut.  She wants to grow it out.  But when they curled it and dolled her up, it made it much easier to transition. 

And yes, I am letting her grow her hair out.  The problem is that we’re trying to let the slant bob part in the back get even with the front.  It’s taking it a while to get all evened out.

Anyway, they were also smart because I couldn’t tell if they cut it straight until we got home and washed the curls out.  Very much kudos to them!  Nice job, I say!  They found a few ways to keep me from supervising!  🙂 JK 

Yep.  It was straight.  They did a fantastic job.  I’ll post pics later.

It was a fantastic day for Em and I!


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