Cuz I love Her A Lot

November 22, 2009

The other day both kids were arguing like crazy.  I’ll admit it.  It was driving me nuts.  So I brought them both downstairs to have a serious talk with them.  I told them if they didn’t get along with each other than I wouldn’t give Breyt a ride to wrestling and Em would have to miss basketball.

They knew what they had to do.

They turned to face each other, scrinched up faces and all, and each offered a hug to the other.  Then they gently hugged each other as if they were afraid they were going to catch cooties or something.  I appreciated the effort.  I come from a large family.  I know all about sibling rivalry.

Anyhoo, out of nowhere Breyt just really squeezed the heck out of emma.  She was grunting for air.  She wanted to smack him, but knew I meant business about bball.  She endured the pain.  When I caught Breyt’s eyes, he knew he was caught.  He so pitifully looks up at me and says, “I did that cuz I love her a lot.”

I laughed so hard I could barely stand it.  I don’t know why it was so funny.  Maybe it was just because he really thought I’d believe it.


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