Hi-Top Brewster Oprah

November 17, 2009

Apparently, Hi-Top Punky Brewster shoes are the in thing.  I’ve already written about them once, but I continue to see growing amounts of them on the street.  Were they featured by Oprah?

Speaking of…wouldn’t you just love to see Oprah in a pair of Hi-Top Punky Brewster  shoes?  I can see the headlines, “Oprah working from home in her Hi-Top Punky Brewster shoes!”

Jk.  I don’t know why I wrote that.  Just being silly, I guess.

I’m REALLY trying to get back into blogging regularly because I TRULY love to go back and read the old posts.  It is chock full of memories, I tell ya.

Sometimes it’s hard to slow down long enough to realize what you have been enjoying. 

Both kids are staying busy.  Breyton is a wrestler now.  He just finished soccer.  He also plays tball/baseball every year.  He can’t wait to try football, basketball, and he (for some reason) really wants to be in Boy Scouts.  I like very much that he’s so hungry for life.  🙂

Breyton is really good at all sports so far, if he doesn’t lose focus.  It doesn’t take much to bore him.  If he gets bored, he kind of disappears to another place.

You can literally see the difference in his face.  His body will be there, going through the motions, but his eyes are all hazed over.  If you try to talk to him, he doesn’t respond.  Really, seriously.  We haven’t decided if it’s a gift or a curse, but his wife will not be pleased with this ability to phase the outside world out, I’m sure.  🙂

He is also uber competitive.  They both are.  You didn’t really get to see it from Emma until her brother came along.  Now, I think she is more competitive than him. 

She is like me though.  She competes in EVERYTHING.  You can think you’re having a simple conversation with her, but actually you are in some sort of competition — always.  You may not always know what it is, but it always exist.

Emmy is in Girl Scouts, Tumbling, and Basketball.  She surprised me by how much she loves basketball.  Her old standards in life wouldn’t allow her to sign up for anything that required running. 

She’s not really lazy, she just doesn’t like to run.  Her ankles hurt.  She has been complaining about them since she was two.  I have had her in for x-rays more than once and they can’t find anything wrong with them.  Poor chica. 

But yeah…she’s loving the basketball.  AND she’s good at it.  She is right handed, but when it comes to dribbling she actually does better with her left hand!  Cool, eh? 

She’s not ambidextrous.  We’ve checked her a million times since she was born because Brian wanted a left handed kid…(especially a boy for baseball, but Emma was stuck being his boy until Breyt was born, lol).

I’m so darn proud of both of my kids.  They are amazing people, and I don’t deserve to be their mother.

But anyway…keep your eye out for those Hi-Top Punky Brewster  shoes.  They’re everywhere.


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