Dear Dad…My Email is Down So I Hope You’re Reading This

November 15, 2009

Dad…are you going to meet us in Atlanta??  Maybe we can get Laura Lou to cook us an early Thanksgiving dinner.  I think you and mom should crash at her apartment with us.  How fun would that be?   

We were going to stay at the Marriot, but she said she wanted us to chill at her crib.  Here’s your chance.  You can get both of your daughters to stop nagging you, if you make the 1 hour drive down to the ATL from your house.  Come on…you know you want to.  It’s no ice rink, but it’s a good start in restoring our faith in your love

(HHHHHHAAA!  I bet you’re loving my crackah butt right about now.)

Throw caution to the wind and hop on I75 South.  If we’re feelin froggy, we’ll head on down to Florida, or Hilton Head in South Carolina.  You know, I have mobility in my work now.  I can do it from a laptop, at the condo. 

Brian has to actually and physically drive to his place of work to do his job.  Can’t really do electrical work from a remote location…  BUT!  That’s okay.  We’ll send him pics.  (JK ‘Hon.  We want you to join us.  We do.  Really.)

Anyway dad…call me, and let’s do this.  For Really Though.


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