Work from Home Rant…I Think NOT!

November 15, 2009

I just wrote and deleted TWO ranting Working from Home posts.  I won’t publish them because I don’t want to be mean.  Let me simply say that just because I’m working from my home office, doesn’t mean I’m not working, or that I have less responsibility than before.  Let me also add that noncompete agreements are a bitch.  If I knew the last one I signed would require vaseline, I never would’ve signed it.

Now for the post consisting of only topics that are bright and cheery, and full of things like elephants burping rainbows (or turtles farting butterflies)…

I’m going to Atlanta this weekend, and I can’t wait!!  I get to see my sis.  Woot!!!  We can sing Hanson songs, stay up late and watch dorky movies, eat til we blurgh, and talk about our feelings.  🙂 lol.  Maybe she’ll do my nails for me?  Maybe I’ll wait until this weekend to get my hair did.  Then I can have one of dem der fancy ATL stylist do it for me.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

It ‘s so odd that everyone talks of what a country bumpkin I must be — being from GA.  It makes sense.  I get it.  But, I only had to live in IL for about 10 minutes to realize that that stereotype was actually backward.  WAY BACKWARD, ya’ll.

We can’t even get good radio stations here.  If it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t even know that Blink 182 got back together, or that Green Day released a new album.  I didn’t even hear about Kings of Leon until WELL after their hits canvassed the whole nation (except here…in the country).

Here, the only traffic jam I’ve ever seen is when a combine is on the highway.  That’s an Il traffic jam.

I shouldn’t slam it here.  It’s not all bad.  It does crack me up though.  I think it wouldn’t crack me up at all if it weren’t for the fact that when I lived in Georgia, we always thought we were the epitome of ‘country’.  Dude, yo, bra – we didn’t even know what ‘country’ was.

And it’s even funnier, because like I said before, people that haven’t come to visit me yet seem to visualize that I live in a Chicago-esque place.  LoL!  When you think of IL, you generally do think of Chicago, right?  So. Not. True.


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