I’m a Liar

November 11, 2009

So I guess it’s true, I’m a liar.

I keep saying I’ll come back and update you with what’s going on in our lives.  There’s just no time!  :)…in a good way.

Breyton did lose his first tooth a few days ago.  He got $4 from the tooth fairy.  Emma has to get braces.  Her top two teeth won’t come out, bless her heart.

We had parent teacher conferences.  Breyton has had a TON of first quarter improvement.  Emma is gifted…we knew that.  I love them both so much, and I’m so proud of both of them for their accomplishments.  They both work very hard at being good people.  They’re my superheroes.

Anyway…yes.  I’m a liar.  Please forgive me!  I am trying to get back in the habit of blogging regularly.  I think about it all the time.  I just don’t get to it.


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