My Apologies (Pics=Why I haven’t Been Blogging=Living)

October 27, 2009

If you hover over the pics you can get a title to pop up.  We have been so busy…camping, fishing, fairs, museums, ocean, trails, first day of school, soccer, tball, girl scouts and on and on and on.  Life is good.

Oh, and I quit my job.  Eeeeek!  It’s all good though.  So far, it’s working out wonderfully.

Tybee in the morningHomemade IndianI've always wanted to do this...Roadtrip within a roadtrip

Went school shopping and he HAD to HAVE this "Country" shirt and umbrellaDoing a dance in Wally World...because he can.YummyIt's just a Kohl's dress but she HAD to have it...Had a girlie day doing hair and makeup together.I love to take the kids fishing.Before we went to the ocean, we walked/rode bikes on the trails almost everyday, down to the lake.Ft. PulaskiScarecrow Daze ParadeFirst day of school (K and 3rd)Lovin' LifePretending to get along at Pioneer Day's so they can ride the rides.


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