Unnie Wear

May 21, 2009

Son was sitting at the dining room table enjoying his breakfast.  I was in my bedroom drying my hair and getting ready for work. 

I notice his clean unnie wear sitting on my bed so I yell in to ask him if he remembered to change his unnie wear.  Lately, he has just been putting his new unnie wear on top of his old unnie wear without actually changing.  Then he tries to see how long he can go before anyone notices he has on two (or more) pair of unnie wear on at the same time.  It’s a regular riot at our house.  I’ll tell ya!

So anyway —  I see him peek down his britches to see if he’s wearing any shorts under his shorts.  His eyes get really big and he makes an, “OH!  NO!” face.  He undoubtedly just realized that he wasn’t wearing any underwear!

My son though…doesn’t skip a beat.

He quickly yells back in to me,

“What mom?”

chomp, chomp on the breakfast as if nothing is going on

“Are you there??”

another bite…

“I can’t hear you mom!  You’re breaking up!”

everytime I try to cut in and say something he replies with something like,

“Can you hear me now?”

Finally I just bust out laughing because I’m peeking at him and can see that he has a straight face the whole time as if he really was on the phone with me.

At last he says, “I’m sorry mom.  I’m going to have to call you back.  I can’t hear you at all now.”

Then he quietly finished his breakfast as I  rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically.

He ended up going to daycare with NO unnie wear on.

Sheez.  🙂


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