What?! It’s a P-E-A-C-E Sign!

May 6, 2009

When did my daughter stop admiring me for everything I am and everything I know? When did she begin thinking I know nothing unless SHE taught ME?


My very young daughter flashed a peace sign the other day with her fingers. We were walking out of the daycare building and the daycare owner waved goodbye to us as we walked out. Daughter, instead of waving goodbye, flashed a peace sign.

When I looked down at her confused as to WHY SHE WAS FLASHING A PEACE SIGN she said, “What?”

I still kept looking.

She said, “It’s a Peace sign. For peace. You know.”

“Yeah! I know.”

“What?! It’s a P-E-A-C-E sign!”

“Yeah! I know.”

“It’s cool mom. You know…”

“YEAH! I know.”

“It means peace mom. It’s a good thing.”


Lately, she feels the need to explain EVERYTHING to me. She thinks I don’t know anything. How did we get here from there??


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