May 6, 2009

Remind me later to post some pics of my kids riding their new bikes.  They can both ride now and it is awesome!  We ride our bikes to the park and to the trail and wherever else we feel like riding.  I’m so glad winter is over.  We needed some sunshine!

We are back to being crazy busy but it’s worth it.  Everyone’s happy.  Life is great.

Thinking of buying a Jeep…  Oh yeah!  One of my little lifelong dreams… It’s so tempting this time of year when they’re all sitting out bright and shiny and new.  Maybe I’ll do some test drives this weekend but hopefully I’ll be strong enough to not buy my own Mother’s Day gift.  That would be wrong.  Right?  Tell me that would be wrong.  Don’t let me do it.  Talk me out of it.

Navy blue or White???

Beep Beep!  Who got the keys to the Jeep?  Vrooooom!!


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