I’ll Give You Funder!

April 25, 2009

“You want funder?! I’ll give you funder!”

Those were the words of my five year old son this morning as he firmly held both fists up, boxer style, in an effort to be more ‘manly’.

I’ve shared lots of stories about my dad to my children and they cling on to them for dear life. I knew my son was referring to how my dad used to jokingly show us two fists — one ‘thunder’ and the other ‘lightening’.

He would flash his muscles and we would tell him they were as big as bowling balls. It was a barrel of fun and I really miss those days.

Sometimes I would tell my dad his muscles were as big as baseballs just to watch him continue to flex until I agreed that on second thought they were much more bowling ball-esque.

I still get to talk to my dad on the phone and make random trips for quick visits but it’s not the same. We’re all older and always in a hurry. I’m too big to hang from his bowlilng ball arms like a monkey.

BUT! It’s so much fun to watch my kids grow up with some of my memories. They hang on their daddy’s arms they same way I did. Son tries to bring the “funder” and daughter is forever reminding me of my life as a 2nd grader.

I’ll take that Funder anytime. And! Bring on all the 2nd grade girlie drama. I’m all over it! 🙂 BUT! I miss my daddy.


One Response to “I’ll Give You Funder!”

  1. dad Says:

    Ahhh,I remember the storms.We often think of storms of nature, where the wind is blowing, with plenty of thunder and lighting that would light up the sky for endless miles, with great volumes of sounds that often bring little ones screaming to daddy with a look of fear, that would shadow the brightness of the lighting,and with the quiver in their voices with words that would over ride the sound of thunder saying,”hide me daddy I’m scared, keep me from the storm”.
    We all remember storms like these, but the ones I remember the most are the ones that are on quite the opposite side of nature.They are the storms with bursts of fun and games. The ones with great sounds of laughter, where children tease and wrestle,to bring out the joy that memories are made of.
    Yes I remember these.They give the heart great comfort knowing that long after the excitement is past, the effects still bring joy with memories of days gone by that continue on through the next generation like a family tradition.
    Thank you for the memory.

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