Rainbow Man

April 10, 2009

Son just told me I’m not the bad guy. I’m a rainbow. Made my day!!! It’s good to have him home after losing him to the cousins for a night!

The other morning I was making some sausage and pancakes for breakfast before school, work and daycare. He looked at what I was cooking and then looked at me and said, “I don’t want any of that sissy breakfast, mom.” He was using the deepest voice he possibly could come up with.


“Yeah mom, I’m a real man now. I need real food to build my anchor muscles.”

“For really though?”

“Yeah mom, you know that.” He had his face all scrunched up in an effort to pronounce his manliness.

“Okay, so, want some oatmeal?”

“No mom. Real food only. Sugar ain’t for me.”

“Okay…then what?”

“Chicken and stuff.”

“For really though??”

“Yeah mom. Can you make me some chicken for breakfast?”

“Um, er…sure thing, bud.”

Luckily I had some leftover chicken veggies and rice from the night before and I just warmed it up for him. It was hilarious. SO CUTE!


I put some on the side of his plate but he said real ‘mans’ don’t dip or dunk. “Please put it on top, mom.”

He’s just a little ole thing but he’s all about being a man…like daddy. He will eat gross food that he doesn’t like as long as you tell him it’s healthy for him and will build muscle. Boy eats broccoli like no tomorrow… LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!


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