HapE Bday2u

February 8, 2009

While we wait for the rest of my pictures to show up…

I hope she had a wonderful birthday. I told her we were going to have to start scaling things down a bit. Afterall, we are in a recession! So we agreed to have a small family get together in the basement of the restaurant like we did for son.

She asked to invite her best friend and that was completely fine with me.

So then I realized she meant her bff from our town and her bff that moved out of our town.

Two friends.

“But mommy, we need to let my almost bff come too so we can do the cheer I wanted to show you.”

Three friends.

“But mommy she’s like my sister and I’ll feel so bad if I have to tell her she can’t come. She already knows my bff’s are coming. And can we get some invitations, pu-leeeeeeeeeeeez?”

Four friends.

“Since there are some invitations left, can I invite one more?”

Five friends.

“My friend saw me inviting my other friend and asked why she can’t come. I told her my mom said she can’t come. She was sad.”

Six Friends.

“How about just the rest of the girls in my class? There’s only a couple left.”

Stopped Counting how many friends.

“But mommy, she always invites me to her parties. I’m out of invitations.”

Please, don’t let that stop you.

So people were RSVPing that didn’t even get an invitation. People were showing up that didn’t RSVP. It was quite comical. We didn’t know when the kids were going to stop coming into our nonparty.

There was one little boy in a sea of girls. That poor kid! They would not leave him alone. They’re at that age. Poor boy. Actually I think he rather enjoyed being the star and it was cute.

I’m glad they all came. We really had a blast. The only thing was that we were a little unprepared and now a bunch of kids are wondering why they weren’t invited when so many other kids were invited. I should have simply handled it better. Hopefully nobody got their feelings hurt. 😦

What am I supposed to do without my celllll phone? 🙂 My baby girl got a cell phone for her bday. How sad is that? It’s mostly for emergency use but I’ve had a lot of mom’s give me, ‘that look’ about it. Sorry ladies but in this crazy world I always want my daughter to have a way to reach me. Smooches!

(and besides…it was much cheaper than another American Girl doll)


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