My Girl Designer

January 25, 2009

Let me show you what my little girl has been up to!  At seven years old she has designed/sewed a purse!  What the hay…? — you say!  It is true.  She wanted to make ‘matching bags’ for her and her bff.  So we went out together and purchased a pattern/zippers/etc.

When we got home — after further review of the just purchased pattern — she informed me that it just wouldn’t do.  She had her own ideas and so she was just going to, ‘eyeball it’!!  What the hay??  Furthermore, the pattern would only, ‘hold her back’!

Here is the finished product:



She cut strips of fabric and braided them for the straps.  We had to make an urgent trip to Wally World fabric dept for just the right bow.  She was so pleased with her results and so am I.  I’ve been bragging to everyone.  It’s only the second thing she’s ever sewn.

She received a request to make another one from her Aunt T in Georgia.  Of course she wants it made with Georgia Tech fabric and that may be a problem for me!


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