January 24, 2009

Daughter’s scared because her bday is coming up and she has the whole party planned including all the presents. She asked me if her plans were going to work with mine. I replied, “I’m going to get you the same thing for your bday that I got for mine.”

She gasped.

They went out and bought me a cake for my birthday. No presents.

I knew it would throw her off her game if I said that. However, I was very happy on my bday. Both kids gave me so many – happy bday, we love you’s. It was truly awesome. They snuggled with me and loved on me all day. They listened to everything I asked them to do and did not fight with eachother. It was nice.

So I want to give her a bday just as good as mine but she will be sweating it until day of. She thinks the fact that I got no presents is terrible but that’s not true. I want her to be just as happy as I was and yes I know (for her) that will have to include presents.

Until then…she’s sweating it!!!


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