Date Night!

January 24, 2009

Do you remember when I posted that the kids were at grandma’s and I was lonely?  Well they ended up staying two nights and it practically killed me!  I know, I know.  Everyone says I’m a weirdo because in those situations I should be screaming, “Free at Last, Free at LAST!”  But I don’t.  I may not care too much for your kids (lol), but I like mine. : )

Anyway… the first night I had to work the next day so I pretty much just went to bed.  The second night was a Friday.  I’m off on Saturday’s.  So I told hubs that I was going to call a gf and go out.  He had to work later that night so I just assumed he wouldn’t want to do anything.

Eventually we just decided to run to the next town over and get a pizza.  I was craving Papa John’s something fierce!

We get to the next town and he says, “let me take you to this new restaurant I just found.  I really like it and I think you will too.  We’ll grab a pizza on our way back that you can have for later.”

“Okay.  Sure.  I really want Papa John’s but ok.”

So we go and we are waiting on a table.  Something like an Applebee’s/O’Charlie’s/Ruby Tuesday’s mixed in one…  Same ole, same ole.  Family’s and kids of which I currently had none so let’s just get a pizza and go home so I can watch reality trash tv without fear of a kid walking in.

But then they call our name and we go to be seated.  We walk past the familys and they take us to the cool room.  !!Oh yeah!!  I forgot about the cool rooms!  I forgot they treat you differently when you don’t have kids! 

We were seated at a table with tall stools instead of booths/booster seats.  My feet didn’t touch the floor!  Music was jamming nicely.

::::: I just realized what a loser I must be to have been so excited about eating in a restaurant:::::

Anyway… I decided to have one of these…


Yeah… it was really good.  I like Amaretto.  So I had another one.  I think I might’ve had three.  Woo Hoo, party girl! (sarcasm)

I notice hubs has his back to a tv.  I politely offer to switch places with him.  It was so sweet that he purposely sat w/his back to the tv.  He’s trying to have a real date with me!

He didn’t answer me.  He was just staring off into space.

OH!!!  There are 20 tv’s in here!  How did I miss that??  He was in heaven.  Duh!  This is a sports bar-ish place.  It had been a while since I was in a place like this…lol.

So we watched tv, I drank, text our friends and ate to our heart’s delight.  We didn’t even really talk much to each other.  After almost a decade of marriage sometimes it’s ok to just…not.

I proceeded to have a beautiful salad and medium New York Strip.  Yummy.  It was really good.  I didn’t cut anyone’s food up except my own.  I didn’t wipe any mouth except my own.  I enjoyed my food while it was still hot.

I had more pictures but I don’t know what happened to them. lol I’m a dork.  I was secretly snapping pics of the stools and the bar etc.  I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that!


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