Birthday Boy!

January 24, 2009

He turned five and I choked on tears! I’m not ready for my babies to grow up!! Where did the time go??

Thank goodness for basements. That is the best place to host an indoor birthday party for five year old boys.

I feel so guilty for the lack of effort I put into this party but he seemed to enjoy himself very much so I will try to move forward…lol. I don’t know how I ever will get past the guilt though. 🙂

There were intentions of two birthday cakes. Monster truck cake and regular cake. He wanted a monster truck cake in the shape of a monster cake. I did make one. It was not great. I will not post pics. 🙂 We did not take it to the party.

We put a last minute order in at the bakery for a cake. It had monster trucks on top the cake. He was satisfied because to him the one I made was fine. (yay for the perspective of a five year old). The bakery cake wasn’t in the shape he wanted but he didn’t care because he already had the one I made!

There was kids, people, presents, music and food. It was in the basement of one of our fav restaurants. Nuff said. It was pretty awesome/even for the parents.

love hat hair

I can’t post more pics because they have other kid’s faces in them and I don’t think they’d appreciate me plastering their kids all over the internet without permission and I’m not about to call them. Lazy day, remember??

Anyway… presents included shaving cream (oh yes…his big bday wish), gross science kit, trucks, football stuff etc. Good day!


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