Happy New Year…Again

January 1, 2009

Last year I wrote a thought provoking post on hope and perspective for my Happy New Year post.  I didn’t mean to.  It  just came out.  This year I should do it again.  I’m still a firm believer in perspective and it’s usefulness in this daily thing we do, called life.  In fact…if you ever stumbled across my blue notebook — it would take you days to rummage through all of my emotions recorded about hope/bad, perspective/good.

Blue notebook(?) you ask.  That’s my secret diary, journal or whatever you want to call it.  I like to write real things — not just chronlogical events of our lives.  Surprise!  Will you ever get to read it?  No.  Not even after I’m dead.  I’ve hired someone to burn it upon notice of my deceasness.  lol, jk but No.  You won’t ever get to see it.  Not sure why I even brought it up.  I guess I just wanted you to know there’s more to me and my writing than this generic blog.   I also wanted you to consider starting a blue notebook of your own.  It’s very therapeutic.  It’s the best friend that never talks back.

Back to Happy New Year…

We stayed up to watch the Eastern Time Zone ball drop for New Year’s Eve.  I’ll never get used to that.  Why on earth would we want to celebrate the new year an hour early??  I miss being home where the ball drops at midnight, not eleven.  However — we had a fabulous time.  Brittany stayed with us the last few nights and she brought a nice fresh breath of air into the home.  It was good to spend time with her.  The kids love her to pieces as well.

We played ping pong, had a cheeseball etc.  It was very laid back but that was perfect for me.  We’ve needed a break so it was nice to get one.  We were going to get some champagne but the kids are very anti-alcohol and lectured us about the pitfalls of drinking.  I’m not sure who raised them that way!  So I opted to opt out of drinking.  They rarely rarely rarely see me drink and have never seen me drunk (or even close) so I guess it is just really bothersome for them to think of me with a glass of alcohol.  Hmmm.  Doesn’t really bother them to see their dad with a beer.  That hardly seems fair.  But anyway — I didn’t really want to drink anyway so it worked out.  I was just going to try the new champagne Lou told me to try.

What am I rambling about?  I don’t know either.  Both kids have gone to grandmas for the night so I am here by myself.  It’s lonely.  I don’t know what I’ll do when they grow up and go off to college.  At this rate — it’s right around the corner.  I’m going to be a miserable old bat with 40 cats…in a small town in Vermont.  It’s true.  It’ll finally come true.


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