Catching Up

December 27, 2008

edited to add pictures…


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted so I wanted to do some quick catching up.  Later I’ll add some pictures.

We’ve been uber busy so don’t expect a big fancy post!

We’ve gone trick or treating, Roller Skating, been in a few parades, been on the combine, enjoyed Thanksgiving, made homemade pizzas, put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree (again), not very many road trips, made homemade cookies (YES! From scratch!) and our traditional pineapple-upside down birthday cake for Jesus.



Son’s favorite Christmas gift was a “Bug Vacuum” (go figure he loved the $20 gift the most).  I’m not sure what daughter’s favorite gift was (prolly one of the fifty million Webkinz she got). 

She did get a sewing machine though and has just finished sewing her first pillow! Yay!  It was so much fun to have that time with her.  She didn’t know I had it in me to show her how.  I believe I surprised her with my mad sewing skillz!  She might’ve actually ‘admired’ me for a second…just a second. 

I’m not really very ‘domesticated’ (lol) but I don’t want to hold my kids back from any opportunities so we will venture together to learn a little bit of everything until they find their place in the world.  As it stands now, daughter is planning to be a famous fashion designer and son is going to work at Stinky Station in Decatur.  Oh brother, help us!  For now I’m just praying nobody decides they want to be a wild animal tamer or plumber (although plumbers do make a healthy/honest salary…hmmm).

That’s all I have time for now but I promise to get on later to put up some pics to match what we have been doing lately!!!!!!!


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