Almost Forgot!

December 27, 2008

In my last catching up post I forgot to mention that daughter can ride her bike now and son can ALMOST do it.  He probably could do it if he really wanted to but loses focus and doesn’t want to practice.  He can definitely ride little short distances but stops when he realizes he’s doing it by himself.

ALSO — didn’ t mention that my babies have totally ((and accidentally)) beome Starbuck’s babies!  How did this happen??  My four year old son requests Starbuck’s hot chocolate all the time.  Daughter obviously asks for it but we already know she’s diva.  BUT WHEN MY SON say’s, “Mom — I will go on a long trip w/you if you get me a Starbuck’s.”  I sort of cringe a little on the inside.  Is that bad parenting?  He doesn’t like to be in the car for very long at all but know that it’s about a 45 min drive to the nearest Starbuck’s — hence the bargaining statement.

Ack!  I’m so no good at this!!


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