Pointless Post

September 20, 2008

I was going to post a lot of pics today.  It took me about an hour to look through them.  By the time I got finished — I became too lazy to upload them to this blog.  Sorry.  They did trigger a lot of memories though.

Boy how time is flying!  My babies are growing up so fast.  Daughter now prefers to go to the restroom alone, while we are in public.  She likes the idea of being grown up enough to not need mommy to hold her hand. 

So I quietly sit at my table — or continue shopping until she returns to me.  That’s what she thinks!  Actually, I spy on her all the way.  I watch to be sure no strangers talk to her.  She has my sense of direction so I also keep an eye on her to be sure she doesn’t get lost or turned around.  Once she makes it to the bathroom, I keep peeking until I’m sure she’s strong enough to push the door open.  Then I hold my breath until she comes out. 

While she’s in there, I wonder if she remembers sanitary practices, can choose a good one, flushes, has to wait in line, talks to strangers etc.  It’s almost too much to take.

I still make son go to the Women’s potty with me.  He is only four but I get a lot of dirty looks.  At one point, someone did make a comment about a boy being in the girl’s room.  Oh well.  They’ll get over it.  Nobody can see anything anyway — they’re called, ‘stalls’. 

There’s no way I could trust him to go to the bathroom alone.  No Way!  I will offend more people by bringing him with me than if I go to the men’s room with him.  Right?  The temptation for him to play in the sink and paper towels is too much.  Plus — he can’t handle the doors by himself.  How will we ever make this transition??  Help!


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