My Hiney

July 14, 2008

I am sitting here laughing my hiney off thinking about my blog.  Just like a lot of other things in my life, I have made it all about me.

I don’t do the tags.

I don’t take time for categorizing.

I don’t always put the gazillion pics up that I took.

I don’t take my dad into consideration when writing.  He is, actually, the reason I started another blog.  It was supposed to be a ‘connection’.  OOOPSY!

Instead… it’s all about me.

I hold back and dilute a lot but basically it is just a big ole pile of venty shiznitty!!

Sorry DAD!!!  Don’t worry about me.  I’m really ok!!  This blog makes me seem a little off kilter but in real life I’m faking it much better than I am in the blog.


And by the way…


I did start several sentences with, “I” in this post.  I did it on purpose.  The title is about HINEY’s but the post is actually about ME… Oh Seniorita Big Square Flat Hiney!  Loo… I know you totally get the big square flat hiney comment.  Not that you have one…but you get me.  You soooooo get me.  It’s ok to laugh!  

Laugh a little… it’s ok.  🙂


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