I Want. Forrest Gump.

July 7, 2008

I want to run.  I want to put on my Nike’s, strap on my iPod and run.  I want ice cold water…so cold it burns my chest going down.  I want to feel the sweat dripping off my brow.  I want to feel my muscles ache with every step.  I want to feel the flight.

I want to find a cool, shallow creek to lay down in under the moon.  I want to feel the cool of the creek — so cool it pains me.  I want to experience the water rushing over me and rinsing the salt from my skin.

I want.

Forrest Gump will run by my side without saying a word.  His steady grace will push me when I’m feeling tired.  His knowing eyes will cradle me with compassion.  He won’t try to touch me or get inside my head.  He will not only befriend me with no strings…he will just be a comfort by my side. 

I want.  Forrest Gump.



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