Mother’s Day

June 27, 2008

It just occured to me that I didn’t share my Mother’s Day experience with you.  It was awesome…in a word.  I went home to the Georgia Mountains and suprised my mother.  I didn’t realize I was surprising her.  Everyone else knew I was coming.  Somehow I had just assumed that she also knew.  I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t had the conversation with her.

First, I should mention that this was the last trip with the Durango but the first trip with TVs/DVD player!!  We finally caved.  We debated over this decision.  We gave it much research and much thought.  We decided against it.  Then one day at the store, out of the blue, we decided to just do it.  Nike!  So we did and it was.

This is the best money I have spent IN.MY.LIFE!  The kids were much happier on the 500 mile trek home.  They were occupied and not upset.  They stayed awake more which meant good sleep at mom and dad’s when we got there.  It was SaaaaaWeet!

OKay… on with the Mother’s Day adventure…

When we pulled into the driveway, the kids jumped out of the Durango and went running in the house.  My mom, on the other hand, went running to her bedroom.  She is a very modest lady.  She already had her down to the ground night gown on.  She also had her long sleeve, down to the ankles, up to the chin, can’t even begin to imagine what’s under there – let alone be provacative, robe on.  She panicked!!  She didn’t want anyone to see her so ‘skimpily’ dressed.  HA!

She didn’t know we were coming.  Didn’t recognize the Durango.  Didn’t recognize HER GRANDKIDS!  Didn’t recognize Brian or ME from the driveway to the front door.  OUCH!!!

My dad had to tell her, “That’s Emma and Breyton, honey.” 

Then she felt so bad that she had to keep explaining how her eyesight is going and blah blah blah.  Don’t feel bad mom.  It’s my fault.  I NEVER SHOULD HAVE MOVED SO FAR AWAY FROM HOME.  I DID NOT KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WAS THERE UNTIL I LEFT.  I TOOK IT ALL FOR GRANTED. 

I should’ve bought that brand new house I almost bought for $70,000 that is now worth over $120,000.  I could’ve used the $50,000 for downpayment on my real house!!  I should’ve been the creepy lady with the cats and the hemorroids.  Long story, nm.  The only reason I don’t come home is because it is not about me anymore…go figure.  Who woulda thunk I would ever say that??

Anyway… My mom insisted that we take her bed, again.  How awkward.  Kicking my own mom out of her beloved bedroom??  We used to get to stay in the guest room.  I guess we are not considered guests any longer?  Hmmm.  Not sure. 

So we stayed in her room again and ended up all four sleeping on her bed.  My dad took the couch and my mom took the guest room??   Why do you need these details?  I don’t know.  I am about the details.  Detail is my middle name.  KDB…that’s me.  And now you know…Bell Biv Devoe.

We went to Carter’s Lake — which was super 8 great!  It made me more homesick though…and I was home!  We also had lots of yummy food.  Ben let me drive MY Jeep through town and around.  We went up into the mountains. 

We went to Wally World and took pictures of hispanic mullets.  Actually, Brian did that.  It’s hard for him to deal with a city that has a population of more than 500.  Ouch… Sorry B.  Actually, no I’m not sorry.  It’s the truth.  Jk.  Indecisive!!!

We did lots of other things as well.  Fun things.  Great things.  Things that I’m suddenly too tired to write about. 

The most important thing is that I made it through the WHOLE TRIP without arguing with my mom.  I think.  Wait… Yeah.  I think I did!!!!  Dad — Did I??  Mom!!  I think we did it but I can’t remember for sure… 

I’m addicted to ellipses…

Pics on next post of MDay!!!!



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