Law of Attraction

June 27, 2008

Hmmmm. This could be a very interesting topic to discuss and to research.

Today I took the kids to Grandma’s instead of the normal lifeguard/college kid babysitter. Son was very sick last night and I felt like he needed to be with at least family today in case he was sick. He needed to be with his MOTHER. Unfortunately because he was doing better — I decided to tough it out and go on to work. I made the right move beacuse he was fine all day. No fever. No puke.

Anyway! Usually I pick them up from the sitter’s on my very late in the day lunch hour and take them home to their dad. But today I didn’t do that since they were out of town anyway. Plus, I knew I was meeting the inlaws for dinner after work anyway. So the plan was just to wait until after 5:00 and then head out there to pick them up/eat. Long story condensed…I had a whole hour for my lunch to do whatever I wanted!!!

So I went home to my peculiarly very quiet house and sat down in front of the tv. I just realized when I sat down there how long it had been since I actively watched tv. I seriously had to look at the remote to figure out which buttons to use. Spring/Summer has kept us outside and BUSY. I just didn’t realize how much.

So anyway… I watched OPRAH! LOL! I did! I also watched Rachael Ray!! Daughter and I used to watch that together all the time. We love RR!! It made me miss her. Awwww. Anyway the topic on Oprah was the Law of Attraction.


Cya Bye

gn sd lu


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