June 23, 2008

So today after work I came home to a nice home cooked meal.  Hubs cooked it.  Yeah.  I know.

I was an hour late from work.  Yay salary.  Boo no overtime.  Haha.

Anyway, I wasn’t hungry but felt compelled to eat.  How rude would I be not to eat?  Mashed taters, butter noodles, ham, corn etc.  Had to eat.  I was already full so now I am very full and feeling the puke.  eeewwwww!

We went on the Dacey Trail after dinner.  Some nice scenic exercise.  Family time, right?  Nope.  B and I listened to our iPods on the way up.  The kids stole them for the walk back.  I guess you could say we are into our music. 

Next purchases will need to be iPods for the kids.  They already have mp3 players but real iPods will work better.  We can download the songs from a central location…etc etc etc.

I already have Miley Cyrus on mine for the sake of daughter.  She’s begging me to put Camp Rock on there now.  No!  Enough is enough.  Do some chores.  Earn some money.  Get your own iPod!  haha

Okay.  I’m done venting now.  Must go hurl.  But I might get on later and post a pic of the trail.  It’s very nice and wooded — right along the lake.  Reminds me of home.



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