Paducah Reunion

March 4, 2008

So, I’ll tell you all about our little mini-Paducah reunion.  We met my sis down there and just hung out for two days and one night.  We chose Paducah because it’s the almost but not really half way mark.  Clarkesville is actually the half way mark.

Here’s a random pic of daughter on the way back when we stopped at our most favoritist rest stop while daddy continued to snore in the Durango…

I just wanted to tell you that the normal scary bridge crossing the Ohio River was closed.  Wrecks on both side — unrelated.  Happened mere minutes before we got to it.  It could’ve been us trapped on the bridge for hours!  Thankfully it wasn’t!  Instead, we had to cross this…

Let me tell you.  This picture does not do this bridge justice.  We were driving around trying to find another way over the river since the normal scary bridge was closed.  We knew we had to be getting close to the water but I had NO IDEA that as soon as I rounded the curve I would be faced with this beast!  Blue Bridge Beast!  I didn’t have time to panic.  We were bumper to bumper, going 15 miles an hour over this bridge!  This scary bridge!  You could hear the bridge creaking with all of the unexpected weight.  Hubs had his head out the window looking down (thru the bridge) at the water below.  Daughter’s BFF was screaming in the back.  She is afraid of heights.  It took us a good 15 minutes to cross this bridge!!  Once we got to the other side, we got to go down a steep hill.  The kids put their hands in the air and said, “Wee!  Roller Coaster!”  I just checked my pants to make for sure I didn’t pee or poo.

We ended up going over the Blue Beast 3 times because once my sister got to the hotel room, I tried to explain the Blue Beast to her.  She laughed.  So I gussied up my mommy bravery and told her to get in the Durango.  She had to see it to appreciate it — and that she did. 

At least when we drove her over it there was only one other car on the bridge — and it passed us because I used my passenger side brakes to make for sure we traveled at a safe speed.

Hubs said, “After we show your sis the blue bridge we’ll circle around and go back on the regular bridge.”  He lied.  He whooped that thing around and we went right back over.  Liar Liar pants on fire.

It was a big deal.

The rest of the trip was awesome.  I will post pics and tell you about it when I get more time.  I just had to share about the bridge.


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