In-Law Wine Faking Life

February 24, 2008

Nothing better than inlaw wine.  You know when they buy you wine because they don’t really know what else to get you?  I love that wine.  It sits and sits and sits, tucked away.  Everytime, Ithink nobody is ever going to drink that wine.  We should have a dinner party.

Then one night out of the blue, hubs will drink it down after the rest of us have gone to bed.  He doesn’t drink much these days.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I guess he gets tired of seeing inlaw wine sit around.

Tonight, I got tired of seeing it sit around.  Everyone else is sweeping.  The cork won’t go back in and I don’t want to see the bottle go to waste.  So, it’s me and you.

Dad.  This blog has been mainly for you but you may not want to read what I write when I’ve been cleaning.  (cleaning the house of inlaw wine)

I wanted to share what a close friend of mine told me.  She is going through a rough time.  But she has been for the last few years.  The only problem is the rough time used to come in waves.  No it is a constant stream.  How do I advise her?  I don’t.  How do I?


I better not write about friend’s issues while consuming inlaw wine.

I shall write to you about life.  Do you think you’re on a ‘need to know basis’ on your life?  Yep.  A lot of people do.  THere are a lot of people faking life, you know.

Okay this is funny.  I know I better not ‘publish’ this blog entry.  But i’m going to do it anyway.  Why?  When you know the dif between wrong and right but you choose wrong, it’s not okay.  So why do you do it?  You don’t want to but you do.  You know better but you’re overridden.

I know enough to stop here.  I haven’t had inlaw wine in years.  Okay.  Turth is I have never finished off the inlaw wine or anything like it since children.  So, I’m rusty.  But even rusty knows better.

Inlaw wine brings turth and honesty to a life.  Some people say they drink away their worries but really does it work like that.  Do you like that?  Do you like that?  Doesn’t really work like that.  It’s a trick.  It immobolizes you while you’re forced to reckon with it. but then you keep drinking because you don’t really remember the details of everything you were forced to hash out with yourself.

I’m going to shower.

Good night.


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