Big Hair Day

February 23, 2008

Today was a big day.  Daughter got her hair cut off for Locks of Love.  She’s been working very hard to finally get it the length necessary to wack it all off.  10 inches is the minimum.

She never wanted long hair until she heard about the program.  What an angel.  Through everytime we had to brush the rats nests out or pull it back she kept reminding herself, “I’m doing this for some little girl that doesn’t have hair.”  I gotta tell you — if it weren’t for her persistance we never would’ve made it.  I would’ve had it chopped off a long time ago.

At least, I thought that until today.

Today I almost cried. 

We started the day with this…


Then we moved on to this…


Soon after, it became this…


Then this…


While I’m happy to note that we won’t have to fight near as many rats out of her hair, it was heartbreaking. I didn’t think I would be one of those moms, but I guess I am.

It hit me last night when I took her to the Girl Scout Glamour party. I french braided her hair. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was. I told them thank you and that we were getting it all cut off tomorrow (which is today). They gasp. My heart skipped a beat. It hit me.

She slept in her braid and woke up with the most gorgeous waves. It hit me.

We brushed it out to go to the salon. I did not wash it because I knew I was giving her the full meal deal at the salon. Wash/Cut/Style. Everyone needs to be pampered sometime. Anyway, brushing it out reconfirmed our decision that it was indeed time. We were ready!!

You should’ve seen me at the salon. We brought her BFF along with us (who disagreed whole-heartedly with daughter’s choice of slant bob hair cut). We also had son. Four year old son. At one point, 7 year old BFF looked up at me and said, “Three kids. One adult. What were you thinking?” Out of the mouth of babes.

Son was pitching a fit the whole time. Too bad the mean mall lady with the too short pants wasn’t there to see us today. She would’ve had something to look at. He wanted to play in the shoes off area of the mall. That’s what he calls it. The ‘shoes off section’. It’s cute.


After they washed her hair, it was full of rats again. Our salon lady seemed a little intimidated. “How tender-headed are you?” she asked, over and over. She had this iddy-biddy black comb to get tangles out of wet hair-down-to-middle-of-daughter’s-back. So I asked her to find me a big brush. She did. And I proceeded to brush daughter’s hair for the last time. It hit me.

THEN! It hit me that I was standing there with a crying four year old (much too big to be held but too afraid he’ll escape from me to put him down) on my hip, a BFF seven year old looking up at me with wide eyes (probably worried for her poor friend in the hair-cutting seat) while I’m brushing daughter’s hair. The stylist just stood there, letting me.  I almost ask her for some scissors and a beer. 

 There were several people waiting on our stylist to finish up.  I was in no hurry — brush in one hand and camera in the other.  They all watched in awe as I…  As I…  How do I put this??  As I, mothered.  Ha ha. I guess I am one of those moms. In my defense, the hairdresser seemed thankful. So, hmph!

After I had them (‘them’ because our stylist actually had to go get help at one point.  Maybe I was a little intimidating.  I don’t know.  I was in mom-mode.)fix the back that was crooked and the side that had twigs sticking out — we ended up with this very cute do…

Bad pic, I know. Cell phone pic. But I wanted you to see the back and my other camera is acting up AGAIN. It has a mind of it’s own. My next large purchase will be for an awesome camera that can take awesome, crisp pics. At least with these pics, you can get an idea of what’s going on. Sue me later.

After the big hair cut, son got to play. He was happy…



Now I’m throwing this pic in for good measure. My Ben from Breaking Ben. Sigh.


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