Vaccination Day

February 19, 2008

Daughter and I took son for three shots on Tuesday. I decided against a surprise attack and let himknow before we left where we were going and what he was to expect. At first it was exciting that we were going somewhere that was all.about.son. We were so excited that we took pictures…
One with Dad and Daughter

One with Mom and Daughter.

Then he started realizing that this was no joke. He started to get upset and scared. I started to question whether or not I should’ve told him. I’m glad I did though because I always want them to know that I will be that one person that they can trust and count on the truth from — even when everyone else is full of sugar. It’s not a pretty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

See scared boy, above.

When it came time for the three shots — one at a time — he was putting on a very brave face but I could tell he was nervous.

When daughter was a baby she never cried when she got her shots, as long as she could watch them do it. When she got to be around 4, tears started to silently flow once the needles poked. I wondered, with great anticipation, what his reaction would be. Daughter went with us because she wanted to be moral support. Once we got into the tiny little room and assumed the hold – your – son – so – he – can’t – move – position, I thought she was going to lose it. Her eyes welled up in pity for her baby brother. Just as she started to lose it, they went on with the show.

First poke = “ouch”, accompanied by a confused look.
Second poke = “ouch”, accompanied by a pissed off look
Third poke = “ouch”, accompanied by a ‘come on, guys’ look

That was all and that was it. No tears. Just a brave face proud to have completed the task — as he thinks a four year old should.

Here’s the ‘after’ pic…


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