She Melts My Heart

February 15, 2008

So the previously mentioned ‘Tin Princess’ won first place trophy for the contest!  Daughter’s ecstatic.  We all are.  We’re also happy to be able to bring the ‘Princess’ home.

Now we have a new dilemma.  Daughter feels so bad for the kids that didn’t win that we’re trying to come up with something we can do for them.

We want to be able to do something to help them feel as proud and special as we did about creating ‘Tin Princess’. 

Daughter feels bad because she said that some of the kids tried really hard to win and were very upset when they didn’t receive very many votes.

She melts my heart.

Help!?!  What can we do?!!?


One Response to “She Melts My Heart”

  1. Blankers Says:

    She is sooo sweet, just like her mom! Did she win an award for it, like candy or something? If so, maybe you can buy more candy and make little bags for them. 🙂 Love ya sis!

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