Tin Princess

February 10, 2008

Saturday was filled with much shopping.  We had to buy all of the supplies needed to make her super duper “Tin Princess”  Her grade at school is having a contest to see who can create the best Valentine card holder.  We spent several hours together yesterday shopping, brainstorming, gluing, cutting and bringing to life — the newest addition to our family — “Tin Princess”.


You can click on the pic to get a better view of her lovely grater legs, tong arms (with painted fingernails, might I add), foil coated tupperware bod, foil coated foam ball head, foil coated upside down funnel hat.  She’s also wearing marvelous bracelets (the leftovers of her foil covered neck).  You can pull the handle on her Tupperware Bod to deposit your Valentine card.  There’s a huge Hershey’s kiss in her Tupperware Bod right now.  THat is the teacher’s Valentine present.

I like saying, “Tupperware Bod.”  Realistically, I know a lot of soccer mom’s with Tupperware bods.  But that’s not really family content now is it?  Who wants to hear about plastic bods on a family blog??

She’s lovely darling.  We’re all proud of Tin Princess!

OKay, so I figured out how to resize the pictures. If I get bored later, I’ll go back and shrink the huge one’s in the other posts.


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