Happy Birthday Daughter!!

February 10, 2008

Daughter’s birthday went off without a hitch!  Our whole little family went to see Hannah Montana’s concert at the theatre in 3d.  Plus we let her bring along her best friend.  It was wonderful!!  At first I was thinking, “Here’s $100 down the drain.”  But it was worth it to watch all three of the kids with their 3d glasses on, reaching out into the air, trying to catch drum sticks, confetti etc.  They knew every song and every dance.  Even the 4 year old boy sang and danced right along with them.  We are definitely raising indiscriminate music lovers!

Later in the evening we went on to the skating rink.  Some cousins and some friends from school were there.  They all seemed to have a blast.  Presents were the least exciting thing, I’m happy to say.  They were all so happy to be there together and skate that the other material things didn’t much matter.

I won’t post pics of the other little girls because I haven’t talked to their parents about putting their pics online.  I will show you one red-faced little birthday girl…


And here is the effect spending all day with 1st grade girls has on 4 year old boys…
We politely walked around him while he layed on the floor hoping someone would notice his unhappiness. He was so tired, he didn’t even know what he wanted.

But it was daughter’s day and it was spectacular — her words, not mine.

She ended up having 2 friends stay the night. We got up the next day for church and then went to the restaurant to eat with hubs mom and dad. There, she got another present and we ate cake all over again.

All in all, it wasn’t bad.


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