I Got My Baby Back!!

January 6, 2008

Well it’s not actually my baby.  It’s a new baby.  A new improved baby.  Improved as in Brand Spankin’ New baby.  Since I’ve been mourning the loss of my beloved treadmill, I’ve realized one thing.  NAGGING WORKS!!! 

 Not only did I get a new treadmill but I didn’t even have to go to store and buy it.  I just picked out what I wanted and hubs went and got it.  NAGGING WORKS I TELL YA!  I’m officially going to be a WHINEY BABY FOR LIFE!!  IT WORKS!!  WHO KNEW?!?!

He brought it home and we assembled it in the family room.  Then we realized it wouldn’t fit through the door-way/weird sort of hall-way leading to my work-out space.   So he VOLUNTEERED to disassemble it, push it through the door-way and then reassemble it tomorrow — all while I’m at the office doing my nails.  Nice.

 I’m obviously kidding about me doing my nails at work.  Seriously, I have a very busy day set up for tomorrow.  Blah.

Also kidding about ‘nagging’ working.  While I’m not sure what got into him to make him volunteer for all of this labor and shopping, I never nagged.  Okay, okay.  I never nagged about this.

 It could be that he’s excited for me to have something to do in the evenings so I’ll leave him alone.  Surprise!  I’ll be doing treadmill in the mornings and abs at night!  hehe  Misery!!

I’m so mean.


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