Lazy Kind of Day

January 5, 2008

What do I write about tonight? There’s plenty on my mind but nothing I feel like sharing. My goal was to give you a tidbit of our day. My goal was to let you see beautiful pictures of your grandchildren playing, laughing and singing.

Unless you want to see a picture of unflushed potties (which I did actually consider photographing after the third time I had to flush the potty upstairs due to various presents or kerplunks left anonymously), you’re out of luck. Or I could’ve taken snapshots of Sis on the computer and the phone at the same time. Tater eating 5 pancakes this morning would’ve been cute. Should I even mention that we still have our Christmas tree up? Ugh. It drives me insane but where does the time go??

We had a lazy day. Daddy worked all night last night and was gone for most of the day today, wiring houses. When he finally made it home he showered and passed out. Can’t say that I blame him. Since he was sleeping anyway, I took the kids for a little shopping spree. We didn’t buy a thing. Now there’s a picture I should’ve taken!

We browsed and browsed. I looked for Amélie, the 2001 French film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet — starring Audrey Tautou that Lou recommended. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Guess I’ll have to order it online.

More importantly, the kids did not ask for one thing. Not one thing. Have you met my kids? They usually beg for things and don’t even know what they’re begging for. They want me to buy them anything pretty or colorful or toy-ish. So would you say they are ultimately spoiled when they want for nothing? I was fully prepared to give in tonight. I was in one of those moods where they each could’ve walked away with some pretty nice prizes. They asked for zilch.

We jammed all the way home. Once we got here we moved straight to teeth, jammies, prayers and bed. Want to hear something else weird? After teeth and jammies they went to bed without me telling them to. That.Never.Happens. When I went up to pray with them I actually had to get them out of bed (they were still very awake, waiting for me) to kneel down and pray.

Now, almost an hour later neither one of them has come down dying of thirst or itching or scared or sad or bored or not sleepy or anything. They’re both up there. They’re both in bed. They’re both quiet. I’m afraid. I’m very afraid.

So now I have all of this time to do whatever I want and there’s nothing I want to do that doesn’t involve leaving the house. What I really want to do is strap on my iPod and take a run on my treadmill. But remember my treadmill has died. Why don’t I just go buy a new one? I don’t know.

So now I sit here alone listening to The Notebook soundtrack, babbling away about nothing on this blog, sipping iced tea (wishing it was red wine) and dreading Monday — already. I think I’m tired of small town. I want big city or out in the country. Small town seems better to raise my babies but it’s not for me. In the middle is not where I want to be at this point. I want all the way or no way. And yes, we all know one day I’ll end up alone in a small town in Vermont. But that may be years from now.

As I sip my tea, listen to Billie Holiday’s, “I’ll Be Seeing You” and think of the things I don’t feel like sharing with you, I bid you adieu.


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