Christmas…How We Rolled

December 26, 2007

Well Christmas was wonderful. On Christmas Eve, the kids and I baked and iced cookies as we traditionally do. I don’t love the kitchen but how could I not pass ‘icing a million cookies’ on to my children? We did have a lot of fun with it this year. And, YES mom, they were from scratch this time. 🙂

(I used to have Sis trained to tell people that the cookies we baked from the tubes we bought at the grocery store were our ‘secret recipe’. At age 5 she let the cat out of the bag that she had never heard of Vanilla Extract. From here on out — no more tubes. Blah!)

The kids are getting much better at putting the icing on. Here are a few…

We also baked Jesus a birthday cake (Pineapple-Upsidedown Cake). This is a tradition that I didn’t grow up with but have done every year since my first was born. Again, how can you not keep that tradition — especially considering all of the gifts you’re probably about to receive!? Here’s a partial pic, candles and all. Mmmm. Look at the cherries and pineapples and brown sugar!!!! Yum, pal.

This year we also had Christmas Dinner at our house instead of the in-laws so the kids and I pre-made as much as we could on Christmas Eve so that Christmas day wouldn’t be so tricky. There was a lot of ‘pre-making’ going on but it was worth it on Christmas when all I basically had to do was mash the taters and keep an eye on the ham. Needless to say they were very tired by bedtime and had no trouble falling asleep.

Christmas morning we got up before daylight to open presents and eat cake. Guess who’s going to have bad luck…

After opening gifts, before daylight (yes it was very early!) we were cuddled up on the couch/recliner/floor for our traditional nap. Yep. We’re all about traditions around these parts! That’s how we roll.

Hubs says he had a nice nap. He slept until I woke him up and told him it was time to eat. (Yum! I love food!) I was only asleep for about 5 minutes before I had a 3 year old sitting beside me patting me on the tummy telling me that my, ‘belly was getting pretty big’. That’s always nice to hear. Thanks, son. (If it were that big Santa would’ve brought mommy a new treadmill since I had to sit my old one out with the garbage last week. Santa must not think my tummy is big. Santa, do you think mommy’s belly is getting big? That’s not fat! Those are abs!)

Anyway… We ate our Christmas Dinner at lunch time and then opened/assembled toys for the next few hours. We finally got our baths/showers then headed over to the in-laws for some nice chili and homemade vegetable soup with veggies that came out of the garden. Yummy!!! The red velvet cake and pumpkin pie were awesome (yes, I had both!)

Some of the kids fav gifts…

It’s CAT. It’s remotely controlled. It’s also overly priced. Perfect for him.

The long-awaited, much talked about, overly priced, who in their right mind would pay over $100 for a doll (for a 6 year old), beautiful, lovely American Girl, ‘Just Like You’ doll named by my daughter, “Gabriella”. She is my daughter’s daughter and twin sister all at the same time (so she says).

There it is folks. Not very exciting to the average outsider but wonderfully refreshing for us. We had a very warm, drama-free Christmas. It was cozy.

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for another wonderful day.


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