Take Me to Jesus…

December 16, 2007

Last night we got several inches of snow. The wind was just right to ‘blow’ it. For those of you who have real winters — you know what I mean. Here’s a shot of the road to church. They weren’t too bad but they were bad enough to cause confusion with the whole issue of whether or not to go to church.

So hubs was quite surprised this morning when I started getting everyone ready for church. “We’re going?” he said with one of those looks on his face. My reply, “I’m going. The kids are going. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to go.” (I can tell you with all of the things going on in my life right now…I can not afford to miss a sermon.)

Immediately he gets up to get ready for church. It really would’ve been okay for him to stay home. I wouldn’t have minded at all. He knows that is true.

I knew what was prompting him. The snow. I’m the chick that grew up in Georgia. Chicks from Georgia aren’t supposed to be able to drive in the snow. That wasn’t really the case when I was driving his little Ford Ranger for an hour’s commute back and forth to work. Slipping and sliding everywhere. Then, he didn’t mind. He trusted me. He knew I’d be fine. Now, not so much.

I guess he couldn’t live with the guilt of not going to church and having his wife and children slide into a ditch on the same day. The thoughts of us plummeting into a snow bank must’ve taunted him. Maybe it was that his parents would probably never let him hear the end of it. Not so much because of me but moreso because it just sounds really bad.

Who knows what it was but the point is, he didn’t want to go but felt obligated. Hmmph. I declare.

This set the tone for the next 2 or 3 hours. Lovely snow. I love the lovely snow.

Anyway, by the time we got to Sunday school after driving 45 minutes in it —

We had a 3 year old not very interested in going to Sunday school. He screamed and yelled and pitched a fit.

That’s okay. We can deal with that.

So while Sis is headed in to Sunday school, I’m still out in the Durango dealing with a fit-pitcher. Once he saw her walk into the church doors he immediately changed his mind. Now he wants to go because she gets to go. No fair, right? Yep, welcome to my world!

Now he was crying louder, “Take me to Jesus! Why won’t you take me to Jesus? This is bad. This is so bad. You should take me to Jesus! Please take me to JESUS!! I NEED JESUS!

I try to do the right thing and be a good mom most of the time. I know how to handle these fits, strictly and swiftly. Not this time. I couldn’t for the life of me quit laughing. It was bad. It was real bad. But it was SO FUNNY! He had his head all tilted back like a little old man. He was nodding it from side to side like I’ve never seen, “Take me to Jesus!” I couldn’t help it. I had to whip out my cell phone camera and get a pic…

For the life of me I could not quit laughing. It didn’t matter that I tried to hide it. He knew I was laughing. The more I tried to hide it, the louder he got. Whew! What a fit. What a fit!

After his fit, we went in to ‘Jesus’. We enjoyed the service and all was well. We returned safely to our home without incident. I feel like I should tell you more but that was the end of it. Wasn’t that funny enough for you?

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