The Lucky One

December 10, 2007

Everyone in our household has been sick with the flu, except for me. They all seemed to be over it on Saturday. Come Sunday, they’re all sick again.

Rarely do I get sick. I’m as healthy as an ox. That is why I get to clean it — because I’m the healthy one. Yep. The lucky one.
Do you see this feller cuddled up so nice and peacefully? He’s considered the unlucky one. Yep. That’s right. The poor thing had to pull his hat over his eyes to shield the blinding lights of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. He was stuck using the Steelers throw instead of the Cardinals throw. Now he’s forced to rest, all by himself, in the warm, cozy recliner. Poor thing. Poor unlucky thing.
Actually he is unlucky. Today, while I was at work, he very unluckily ran out of toilet paper. 7 years of marriage and that is the first time I have ever let that happen. Eeek! Remember, he has the flu. Aaack!! So I get a txt on my cell while I’m at work…

“Please bring toilet paper. We are out. I had to use the cat.”

I reply, “Ha. Ha. I will bring some when I come home for lunch.”

His reply, “Thank you. Love, Tiger” (Tiger is our cat)

Not so funny now but it was hilarious at the time. I guess you had to be there. Do you think it was luck that made us run out of toilet paper for the first time in 7 years…while I was comfortably and ‘luckily’ at work? Or maybe it was a greater power trying to teach him a lesson to NOT MAKE ME RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING!?!

Now that all of my babies are tucked in, resting peacefully I get to have ‘me’ time too. Tonight I’m watching “Walk the Line”. Do you ever feel a connection with certain people in your life? You don’t even really have to have anything in common with them but somehow, you connect. Hubs thinks I’m crazy. He doesn’t ‘get’ me. **But that’s okay. I get me. And me and Johnny Cash? We connect. I bet *he would ‘get’ me.

It could be that our souls recognized eachother? Um, yeah. That’s the same face hubs made when I tried to have this same conversation with him about it Saturday, on our date***. Yep. I’m a freak. But that’s okay. The world will always make room for another freak. And what’s the dif? You were too busy to notice anyway.

*Please note — It’s not a hot, fantasy, love thought that I have for him. Not.even.close. Just a connection. That’s all. Do you ‘get’ me?

**Please also note — I’m not working on correct grammar so forgive me for doing things like starting sentences with And/But. I’m just spilling out the contents of my head, however they come out.
***Please also note — Yep. We went on a date. Actually we went Christmas shopping but we called it a date because it sounds good. It does sound good, doesn’t it?

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